Since 2000, we have specialized in turning the dreams of our clients into reality.

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It Starts with Design

Whether your project is large or small, residential or commercial, extravagant or modest, it all begins with the design.  With a well thought out plan and a thorough understanding of the elements incorporated in it, the building process flows much more efficiently both with budget and time.  If you already have a plan, great!  We will be more than happy to quote and build from it.  If you don't, call us!  See what we can do for you!
Scott E. Redfearn, Inc. is a contracting company that can handle all your construction needs.  Located in Mount Pleasant, Texas, we serve all of Northeast Texas.  Whether your project is a home or business in the city, on the ranch, or on the lake, we can provide you with quality construction and design services.
We strive to create and build what the client wants and desires within the budget given.  Each project is unique and every effort is given to create the client's dream.
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